Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

28 Oct

If you have made your own website, and if your business has a professional look, it will create greater confidence in your visitors.

For those who work at home and have their own online business that is particularly beneficial to promote their products or services and to compensate for the fact of not having a physical store open to the public.
3975230_origIf you do not have a site, as a owner of a small business, probably you think you can not or do not want to pay to have a professional website, but nowadays CAN NOT EVEN RUN THE RISK OF NOT HAVING A WEBSITE !

With WordPress you can create a website for free with a highly professional look, it is very easy, and you don’t need to be any expert for it.

By the way, you want to make your own completely FREE WordPress website running online in 30 seconds?

If you want to learn how, see the video that teaches how to do it.

SEE VIDEO: How to create a website in 30 seconds!

Or you can make now your own FREE website! You just have to write in the window the site name you want to your website and follow the instructions. Your site will be done in a few seconds.

Your site will act as an online catalog. It is much easier to make updates on your products and services on your website than print material to promote your business, right?

It is a way to get in touch to your costumers, to tell them the news about new products promotions, offers, or other services you promote. So if you create a website for free, this is the quickest and most effective way to reach your customers, for them to know all the updated information and all the news about the products and services you provide.

The big advantage is that your site is a store always open to public. And this could not happens in a physical store! Nowadays we all have a very busy lifestyle, so time is short. That’s why your online business will be a great advantage from a commercial point of view.

money onineAnd it doesn’t matter what business you are, the important is that a website is an exceptional and fantastic place to show your work.

You may include a portfolio or a gallery of images and testimonies of those who have used your products or services,. All you need to make your customers understand why your business is the best!


With your own website you can keep your customers with updated information, including a FAQ page, writing articles, sending newsletters, and answering all the questions from visitors. The best way to provide customers an excellent and efficient service is sharing information in your website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact, I will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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4 Replies to “Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

  1. i think it is important now in this day and age to have a presence online if you have a business.

    I have one friend of mine where I live and he has a shop in Rhodes town in Greece.

    It is a tourist place, and in the winter time when the tourists are not here his business was barely surviving.

    He sells shoes and other small clothing items, but 1 year ago he had a website built for him.

    He can see the difference as he now has the ability to take orders online and ship overseas, something he did not have before.

    Having a website really opens the door to the big wide world rather than trying to get customers with traditional methods.

    great advice here, and it is also great to see a service which can build websites easily these days with platforms like this siterubix you mention!



    • Hi Chris

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      I usually say that an online business is a store open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, open to the entire world!

      And it really works, like your friend’s store in Greece!



  2. Things have change in the way that we have done business, the old way was to go out and look for work. in this day and time anyone can become a success running their own business from the comforts of their own homes. Because of the internet. With the internet we have a greater reach and influence over our target market providing we go about all of this the right way. The only way all this can happen is by owning a website. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Norman,

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      That’s so true, nowadays anyone can become a success running their own online business from the comfort of their homes!

      Any business need a website! And you can turn a small business into a big business!



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