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10 Oct

Probably you already have a website and you have affiliate links every where, right?

If you have, you should know that Google does not like affiliate links throughout a site. If it sees every single page on your site being a pure affiliate promotion, it is going to definitely have a negative impact on your rankings.links

But there are some techniques to insert links on a website without hurting your website rankings. You can promote things but if you have a product that you are promoting over and over again you should centralize your offer page.

This is the technique I like to use. Centralization allows you to centralize and simplify your offers and promotions. Also, it makes your website get better rankings on Google.

You can have many benefits if you use links properly:

  • Better ranking in search engines (they do not like many affiliate links on websites)
  • Your readers feel more confidence in your offers
  • Increase the income generated by your site
  • You will have better results

How to Shorten Affiliate Links

When I talk about shortening the affiliate links, I mean you should turn each product link you are promoting in a shorter and more beautiful link. Links are ugly and like this your links becomes prettier and they can be read.

You only have benefits if you short the links. Your links will be much more prettier to visitors. Which one seems to you the most reliable and pretty?


Both links lead to the same page, however, the second one seems much more pretty, isn’t it?

You can short the size and change the links by usinPretty linkg Pretty Link Lite. A free plugin which you can install from your WordPress dashboard.

It is very easy to install and to use. Read my page about  where you can learn how to install and use Pretty Link.

Additionally, it allows you to centralize the management of all the affiliate links on your website. If for some reason one particular affiliate link were to change and you have many different location for this link on your site, you could update the link in a single place within your Pretty Link link management area.

So you should replace all your affiliate links with the new pretty links that you create.


Centralize your main product or offer

The last thing you want is to have a website that appears as a massive affiliate promotion.

The last thing you want to is have a website that “appears” as one big massive affiliate promotion. Too often people only focus on what they are promoting and every page on their site has an affiliate link on it. This is not a good habit to get into!



Because Google does not like affiliate links throughout the website and that can hurt you website rankings.

As I told you before, you can promote things but if you have a product that you are promoting over and over again you should centralize your offer page.

To do this, you will want to send your traffic from other pages on your website to your main product page that you have created.

In this website, the main product I promote is the Wealthy Affiliate, so in all references and promotions all over the website links lead to my main Wealthy Affiliate page “Wealthy Affiliate Review (2016)”.

And it’s on this page that are the only links that lead to Wealthy Affiliate website.

Search engines like this kind of internal links, but there are other benefits to centralize your main page:

  • You will have only one page that generates conversions
  • It allows you to test and offer bonuses (which can enhance the conversion of readers into customers)
  • Google loves internal links and improve your ranking

As you can see, you only have advantages if you centralize and lead readers to your main product or service page you promote. So every time you write about your main product in your website, remember to enter a link to your central page.

Centralization your main offer pages will carry a lot of benefits!

So, make sure you centralize and direct people to your main product page any time you mention your product on your website.

Make Money From Everything You Do!

Most products have affiliate programs. This means that every time you mention any other product somewhere within a post or a page, you should check if the product has an affiliate program.transfer

This will increase your earnings as an affiliate. marketer.

There is nothing worse than wasting money, just because you didn’t sign up another affiliate program.

Believe it or not, people will still buy a product through your website links even if you are offering a negative review. And you might as well earn money in the process.

So, sign up as an affiliate all programs that you mention or are reviewing on your website and add your affiliate link. You might have a good surprise!


Do you use Pretty Link Lite? What do you think about it? I would love to know your opinion. Please leave your message below and I’ll be happy to answer you!


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