Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

  • Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate University 
  • Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Price: $0 Members Beginner / Starter
  • Owners: Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim
  • Ranking: 9.5 / 10 – site considered honest and legitimate



The Wealthy Affiliate is a program that teaches its members how to make income. This is a home based business which allow you to earn while you learn.

The program teaches what you need to know about affiliate marketing. With the fantastic support structure you can get help whenever you need it. It is not so much a product but a service and a community of which we are proud!

If you are looking to make money online, and work with other entrepreneurs, this is the right place. In this program you can help others, and learn from thousands of experts!


How it Works

Wealthy Affiliate is an Online Business Course that teaches you to learn internet marketing. The first step is to creating a website in an area of your choice, theme you like, and you want to explore.

How it works:


As you can see, you do not need to sell anything. The only thing you have to do is to give information to individuals who are looking to buy from the internet.

Your website directs visitors to Amazon for the product they are looking to buy. Upon arriving at Amazon they will handle the rest of the sale.

Do not worry about the construction of your website because Wealthy Affiliate  will teach you to build a free website in 30 seconds.

After this phase, you need to attract visitors to your site. Do not worry, Wealthy Affiliate teaches techniques to get high Google rankings.

The higher your rankings the more activity your website will get which produces sales. Those sales will produce income!

In the beginning, your site will not make money. This is due to the time Google needs to know that your site is legitimate, serious and of quality.


  • Registration as a Starter Member is free.
  • You do not have to enter data from any credit card.
  • A start member has access to two free websites running online.
  • Support is available 24 hours per day from experienced members of the community.
  • The Technical support team help to your sites.
  • You can choose your own market niche.
  • You can create blogs when you want.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • There is no need to have knowledge in internet or any experience in affiliate marketing


  • The vast knowledge provided by Wealthy Affiliate can overwhelm you. Then you will have to focus and concentrate on the lessons to move forward.
  • A member needs dedication and perseverance to succeed. Wealthy affiliate is a long term business not a get rich quick scheme.
  • If a Premium member decides to leave Wealthy Affiliate they have one month to find a new host for their sites.
  • All classes are in English, but, you need not worry. You can used Google translator to translate the lesson in to your preferred language.

As I said, you can choose to become a member Premium remain a starter member as long you like.

In the table below you can see the differences between Starter and Premium member:

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

icon_successAnyone with any level of experience can be successful with Wealthy Affiliate.

Members can be:

Someone who wants to leave their traditional job to to work at home.
A mother who wants to spend more time with her family.
As in my case to keep my job and work part-time.
Unemployed people.
For those who want a better quality of life, manage your own time and earn extra money.

In short, it is for EVERYBODY.

Why sign up for Wealthy Affiliate?

If you are reading this article, you want to know what it is. You want to learn how to create your own successful online business and operate it well.:)

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do this.

If you can turn on a computer, you can create an online business with the Wealthy Affiliate.

Here are some of the most pointed positives that people love in WA:

  • Numbered and sequential lessons (Getting Started Training) – the process is simple.
  • Class videos, tutorials, live classes and courses
  • About 500,000 members of the community who want HELP
  • Interactive lessons
  • Permanent chat rooms with community members from around the world
  • 2 free websites which will be online
  • Free hosting for your websites
  • Completely FREE to get started!

Wealthy Affiliate has existed for over 10 years. The quality would be difficult to find in any other program of this kind. Other programs don’t last as long.

It is unique that the founders Kyle and Carson, interact with our community.


What is the work like in Wealthy Affiliate?

When you sign up Wealthy Affiliate has two options:

  1. You can follow your passion, dedicating your sites what your passion. The initial course will show you how to make your favorite subjects in to full-time business. It’s interesting, isn’t it?
  2. You can also market through the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp if you don’t have a niche to market.

You will learn how to turn what you like and gives you pleasure into an online business.

It begins with a niche site, and will end with an income from the site, in many different ways.

Education and Tools

Teaching in Wealthy Affiliate is in depth but easy to understand and well organized.

One of the owners Kyle teaches the classes in a logical sequence. This logical sequence of the text and videos make the step by step learning process simple.


Experienced Members of the Wealthy Affiliate community also create lesson which create a deeper knowledge.

There can be no complaint of incomplete training. Teaching is thorough and includes all subjects!

There are classes for all levels of expertise and experience.

Many lesson formats make learning interesting and varied:

  • Classes organized in specific themes
  • Live weekly classes
  • Interactive discussions on the forums
  • Video lessons and tutorials lessons
  • Assignment at the end of each lesson to solidify the knowledge.

Sound like a lot, doesn’t it? Because it is quite a lot.

The programs involves the teaching of several completely different online business models. The member who uses these will earn an online income that can result in a full time business!

And this is only part of what being a member of Wealthy Affiliate. You will also have access to all the tools you need to manage your business success …

The Wealthy Affiliate also has tools to assist in your website development. There are tools for niche research, keyword research, content writing and website appearance.

To get good search engine rankings you need to search for keywords. These are words or short phrases that people might enter into a search engine. Wealthy Affiliate has a free tool to help you find the best Keywords that will help get good rankings.

For those who prefer to use other Keywords research tool, WA has access to a program called Jaaxy. This program has monthly fee, but it allows you to try it in advance with 30 free lookups.

Other free tools included are as follows:

  • WordPress (can make a free website in 30 seconds)
  • Unlimited free hosting for websites
  • Access to over 2,500 themes for your site

Once you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about any tools or services to run your business! Wealthy Affiliate includes EVERYTHING!

It’s the only online business platform that exists that is “all inclusive”!


The Community Wealthy Affiliate

icon_communityHave you ever needed help and turned to go looking for it on Google? When it comes to making an money online business it’s nice to know you can count on help whenever you need it.

The Wealthy Affiliate has a helpful available community. This community provides all the support you can ever find on the internet.

There is always someone available and the expertise to help you 24 hours per day.

There are several types of support:

  • Chat in permanent direct chat rooms
  • Interactive discussions on every subject and after each lesson
  • Private access to the WA experts
  • Technical support

You will never will feel alone!

If looking for a way to make money online with other online entrepreneurs who help each other, WA is exactly what you want!


Technical support

supIn addition to the community of about 500,000 members worldwide, and growing, which is always available to help 24 / day, provides technical support for your site that you can use whenever necessary.


precificacaoThe Starter Membership Wealthy Affiliate is FREE .

To be a member Beginner / Starter the price is $0 (zero dollars) and will remain as such as long as you want.

If you decide to become a premium member in the the first week of your starter membership:

  • The first 1 month of the premium membership is $ 19.
  • The following months will be $ 47
  • It also has the possibility of paying just one year, in which case the annuity will get it for $ 359 which corresponds to $ 29 per month.

Anyway, you can cancel your subscription at any time without having raised any question.

Conclusion + Bonus Special



In my opinion the Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate and honest program.

Once you sign up, I will be immediately in contact with you to help with anything you need.

Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate! It is $0 (Free)

How to claim your bonus

Once you sign up as a rookie member, decide to become Premium member in the first 7 days (including 59% discount), I make sure to offer you a Bonus.

After creating an account on Wealthy Affiliate, I will personally contact you to give you welcome, and explain to you how to get my help if you need, and how to access the great Bonus I have to offer you!

  • Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate University 
  • Ranking: 9.5/10 – site considered SERIOUS, HONEST and LEGITIMATE
  • Price: Beginner / Starter – FREE 
  • Owners: Kyle Loudon e Carson Lim 
  • Site: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
  • Real Testemonials: SEE HERE




If you want to leave comments below about Wealthy Affiliate please do so. You can also leave any questions you may have and I will answer you as soon as possible.


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10 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

  1. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about a year and a half ago, after struggling to make money with small 5-page niche sites. Those little sites did make money for a short time, but then Google slapped them down.

    It was a crushing blow at the time, but looking back, I understand why those little sites were doomed to fail. I was gaming the system with spammy backlinks and questionable content.

    Wealthy Affiliate taught me to build a high-quality website that Google loves and that the visitor values. This is a rock-solid proven strategy for earning money online.

    And, honestly, building a quality website is easier than building a bunch of little low-quality sites.

    I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to build a legitimate internet business with unlimited earning potential.

    However, as with any legitimate business, success requires commitment and sustained effort.

    Specifically, it takes time for the search engines to trust a new website so it might be a few months before you earn your first dollar. Please do not get discouraged.

    Using the Wealthy Affiliate strategy, I did not earn anything for the first four months, but then the money started coming in and a few months later my website earned $500 in two days while I was away camping.

    • Hi Gary!

      Thank you for sharing your story with us!

      It’s amazing what Wealthy Affiliate can do for people.

      Most part of people I know in Wealthy Affiliate began their business before joining WA and failed! It happend the same to me, as well!

      Wealthy Affiliate it’s a huge and reliable oportunity to start a real online business.

      WA changed my life!



  2. It’s great how you have written an honest review of WA, & not glorifying it just to get sales. WA is really the best way to become sucessfull online with little to no investment. Wealthy affiliate helped me drop out of college at 19 after WA helped me to take my business to earn over 6 figures a year. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com, & from my experience the hosting & support is the absolute best on Wealthy affiliate . WA is really the best way to sell anything of your passion earning recurring commissions as an affiliate marketer on autopilot. Great review of an awesome affiliate training platform. Cheers!

    • Hi Cesario,

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity to be your own boss, right?

      It’s amazinh how Wealthy Affiliate has already helped thousands of people to create them own online business! We are a community of almost 800.000 members!!! And I’m proud to belong to this community!



  3. Great review on wealthy, your website is well detailed and filled with good information. I believe that wealthy affiliate has the best business model there is when it comes to building and websites and teachings ways on how to make money. I am sure that your readers will find this information most helpful. All the best to you and thanks again for sharing.

    • Hi Norman,

      Thank you so much for your comment!

      You´re so right! Wealthy Affiliate is the best one to learn how to success online!



  4. This caught my attention – the fact that you don’t need to have knowledge in internet or any experience in affiliate marketing is a real bonus to me!
    I’ve been looking to get into this form of marketing but the jargon often puts me off when trying out tutorials. Are these tutorials jargon free and newcomer safe?

    • Hi Chris,

      It is true, with Affiliate Wealthy you do not need to have knowledge on the internet or affiliate marketing, WA teaches you everything you need to become an Internet Marketer and to build your own successful online business!

      And it’s amazing: you really have personalized help 24 hours a day, you just need to ask!



  5. I have been hearing a lot about this wealthy affiliate program and how organized and structured it is. I have done a lot of research looking for a right place to start, but I guess i’m always hesitant due to all the scams out there. Are the people within the community as helpful as mentioned? How good are they at answering questions for those just getting started? I’m just worried about having to do this with not much help. Thanks!

    • Hi Ralph, nice to meet you!

      I think Wealthy Affiliate community is the best place to learn everything you need to create your own online business! People from WA are amazing! You just have to do the lessons and if you don’t understand something you just have to ask to the community and there is always someone available to help you 365 days/year, 24h/day.

      I started in WA from scratch and I had all the help I need from fantastic members of the community, to Kyle himself who is one of WA’s owners.

      So, don’t worry about that, because you will never feel alone in WA.



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