Millionaire Blueprint Review (2016)


  • Product Name: Millionaire Blueprint
  • Website:
  • Price: Deposit initial $ 250
  • Owners: Walter Green
  • Ranking: 3/10 – it is considered a high risk website



The Millionaire Blueprint is an automated software that provides information on Binary Options (BOTS). The site says their software reviews various factors to make a recommendatons to trade.

The Binary Options is a security. The investor bets that a certain asset will rise or fault in relation to another another asset. For example, say an invester bets that the Japanese Yen will increase to .015 to the US dollar. If it does he makes a profit. If it doesn’t he looses his investment.

It combines several factors to analyze market trends.

This way the software can predict if the market price of certain assets will rise or fall in the capital market.

In fact, there will be a variety of asset comparison exchanges. The software advises whether to bet that the one asset will rise against the other or whether it will fall. The investor buys a BOT and bet on the way the software says.

How it Works?

You have to sign up with one of Millionaire Blueprint BOT brokers. You have to deposit $250 in your BOT account, and give the broker your credit card information.

Soon afterwards the system will forward you to the page The platform is at this page. According to the website your can begin making trades.

How You Trade in BOTS

You review the website and see what BOTS it is recommending. You enter the amount you want to bet click twice and your transaction is complete.

If the investor choice is the right choice he gets a profit. If he chose wrong he loses his investment




  • The software is easy to use
  • If negotiation is successful, the broker transfers the money to your bank account
  • System 100% automated for trading assets
  • It has training videos on financial markets and binary options
  • Technical support 24 hours / day
  • No need to have expertise in capital markets / financial resources to use this system


  • An initial investment of $ 250
  • You can lose your money if the negotiations are not successful
  • You can only use the broker indicated by Millionaire Blueprint

Who Should

The Millionaire Blueprint, claims its software is simple and easy to use. They claim that beginners can trade without having any knowledge of the BOT market. The investor just follows the program’s recommendation.

That said, it is available to all level of investors. With or without experience.

Because of the risks involved, investors should be careful investing in this program. We will speak more about the risks later.

Education and Tools


  • The site offers:

Videos to learn how to trade binary options
Tutorials on trading assets.

  • There are presentations on:

market risk
market analysis
financial management
risk distribution, etc.

Don’t forget that, in the area of financial markets, theory does not equal experience. To gain experience you will have to invest and may or may not succeed!

Technical support

supThe site says it has support 24h / day support and chat rooms to provide answers to questions. Since I have not used these tools I am unable to vouch for how well they work.


Registration on the site is free. After you register you must enter your credit card data to get the software.

To start trading on the platform you have to deposit $ 250 into an account of one of their recommend brokers. It is important to remember that to use the software you must use one to their brokers.



Investment Risk?

Binary options are a high level risk investment. Experts say that no software can predict the market especially for a novice.

Millionaire Blueprint tells the customer that trading binary options involves a significant risk.. Further it advises investors decentralize the risk by diversify their portfolio of assets. Should an investor have questions they are to seek the help of a financial adviser. These are legal disclaimers so you can’t sue them if you lose money.

The site also states that it assumes no liability for loss or damage.

This is a statement to prevent against any accusations and resulting lawsuits for fraud.

seg-RiscoEmergente-OITFinally the site tells the investor to read the Site’s Terms and Conditions. They also tell you always to read them with care for any of their programs. It is clear that you agree to use the Site at your own risk.

The above disclaimers make it difficult to sue due to lack of knowedge of the risk. Based on these the investor who looses his nest egg can’t claim he didn’t know the risk.





Is it a SCAM?cooltext197876397744965 (1)

If you searched the internet for information on this site, most of the websites want to sell the product. right?

It is against the odds that so many people would be marketing it if they were becoming millionaires!

In fact the program is a platform for investing money in BOT’s. I do not think it is a Scam but, I don’t think it is for everyone.

If you are a regular investor in the capital markets this site will be of interest to you. Your experience in the financial markets will help to reduce the downside risk.

Investors with little or no experience in the financial markets should avoid Millionaire Blueprint. The risk of loss is too great.

There are a large number of sites on the internet trying to sell this program. Could this be a promotion for an affiliate marketing or MLM program?

The probability is great, so in my opinion, if you asked me if I would use this site, the answer would be NO!


If you would like to comment on your experiences with Millionaire Blueprint please do so. There is a comment section below.

You can also leave any questions you may have and I will answer you as soon as possible.


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