Money Back Guarantee – Does it Mean it is a Legit Program?

18 Oct

There are many products or services in the Internet that offer guarantees such as:

  • Money Back Guarantee 100%
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We will refund your money 100% Guarantee
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or 100% of your Money Back
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee

money-backBut could you trust these guarantees?

When buying online, goods or services usually offer such guarantees, so if there is a guarantee, there is no risk, right?


This is where most people is wrong. You need to be aware about the guarantees that are offered when buying a product!


Guarantees to Avoid

  • In order for the warranty work you must return the product in its original packaging as received. This means you have to re-package the item in its original packaging if you still have it, otherwise, the guarantee won’t work.
  • Sellers with bad reviews – Before buying a product or service you should research some reviews about it on the Internet and, if you find negative reviews, you shouldn’t buy it. If you avoid SCAM programs you won’t have to worry about guarantees.
  • Expensive Products – You must be aware of expensive products or services that offer guarantee. As you know, there are many products with affiliates programs. When purchasing the product, most of the price is for the affiliate and the rest is for the seller. If you request a refund, and if the seller has already paid the commission to the affiliate, the process will be even more slow…
  • Clickbank Products – Most clickbank products are SCAM, so I suggest you don’t join these programs to make money online.
  • Sellers who insist on guarantee – If a seller use too much expressions such as “We will refund your money” or “100% Guaranteed” he is probably giving you a view of what might happen, and he will want his money back. If a website wants to sell you a product based on the guarantees offered and not so much in their features, I suggest you don’t buy it. Probably it will go wrong…


The Best Warranty: Try Before You Buy!

If a program lets you try the product for free before buying, it gives to the seller much more credibility, right?

However, there are not many websites to make money online that offer a free trial period, because they know that experience will probably never buy.

There is only one site I know to make money online doing this, which is the Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to take advantage of the free trial period of 7 days to receive intensive training that teaches you how to make money online, including free support 24 hours per day, before paying whatever!

I suggest you to try the Wealthy Affiliate. You have nothing to lose and I’m sure you will not regret. You can read my review of this program here.

Have you ever tried some Money Back Guarantee program? I would love to hear your opinion. Please leave your comment below.


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