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27 Sep

Find legitimate ways to make money at home seems to be a topic on the agenda for trabalhe-em-casa2016. And specifically make money online is the first way that people are looking to make money fast.

After having tried many programs and continue to experience the market personally, I can say that there are no schemes / programs online to get rich quickly that work!

There are, however, many programs, each paid other free, with which you can earn some extra money. In this post I will help you find the program that suits you more. I will introduce you some legitimate and reliable ways to learn how to make money at home.

7th Place

  • To Be a Writer

Today, all that promotes online products can be a very lucrative business. You can, for example, writing digital books – e-book – and publish them on Amazon.

amazonWhen I talk about writing books, I’m not necessarily talking about novels or fiction. It may be technical books on any topic that you know well such as a guide to teach how to grow hydrangeas or tulips, a guide to teach how to graft trees, as make a garden or how to raise chickens and other farmyard animals, or can even write short stories for children.

You can prepare your texts in Portuguese or English. Do not forget that there are approximately 280 million Portuguese speakers in the world. Portuguese is the 5th most spoken language in the world, 3rd most spoken in the Western Hemisphere and the most widely spoken in the southern hemisphere of the Earth.

You see? You can provide yours texts to a store open to millions of customers worldwide that pays up to 70% of royalties directly to the author’s account!

To learn more click on the Kindle Amazon website – Kindle Direct Publishing (if you prefer, the Amazon page top have the option to place the site in Portuguese) and sign up for free.

6th Place

  • Be Online Freelancer

The Freelancer is one of the largest freelance work platforms in the world that are available in over 200 countries.  In Portugal already exists the English version a few years ago and offers many job opportunities in the country. Freelancer2

Unlike other freelance work platforms, registration is free. If you do any service under this program you will receive the amount corresponding to the established price, and Freelancer will charge a percentage of the invoice value as a commission of approximately 3%.

Visit the website and sign up by clicking on the image or here:

5th Place

There are several free classified sites in Portugal, but probably OLX is the most popular.

After hearing so much about the OLX, I decided to try it myself. Those who have children like me (I’m a mother of two), knows that as they grow, the  olx2objects or clothes that lose their usefulness, keep accumulating at home, in the garage or storage room. I then decided to turn what I don’t needed in money. And I was surprised with the result!

Items can be listed for free, however, if you want to highlight the announcement, you will have to pay. Listed products appear on the list in chronological order, with the most recent at the top of the list, and remain on sale for a period of one month. After the deadline, if the item is not sold, you can reactivate the sale for free for periods of 30 days.

There are other selling sites like eBay or leilõ where people leave feedback to the user at the end of each business. This allows to know the opinion of others about the seller or buyer: if the transaction went well, if the product was received ok, if the amount was paid on time, etc.

However, in my experience in OLX, so far I’ve never had any problems, or as a seller or as a buyer. As a seller, I arrange with the client the place to deliver the product, by rule a public place, where we make the business. If the customer requests shipment by mail, I add the shipping cost to the price. And I only ship the item after the bank transfer has been made to my account. Personally, I always ship the items by registered mail, because I keep proof of shipment from CTT, which may be necessary if the customer does not receive the item.

downloadBefore placing the items for sale, I recommend you do a market research on OLX, looking for similar items to get an idea of the practiced price, however, you can choose the price you want.

Make a brief description of the item you are selling and say to the customers whether it is new or used. You should add some pictures of the article as well.

You can also put on sale items with defects or malfunctions which may have demand from those who want to use the parts or want to repair them, however, you should make that clear in the description you enter and, if possible, you should show the defect in a specific picture, so that the buyer can not claim that it was unaware the problem.

Then just wait for the contacts of potential buyers to sell what you don’t want and to get more space at home! Go to OLX website here.

4th Place

  • Doing Tasks in Clickworkers

The clickworkers it is a platform where users sign up and offered to do multiple jobs available on the site, such as writing texts, making translations, catalog images, do online research, etc.

Clickworker2Any work you perform will be paid through Paypal, but will only be credited to minimum amounts of € 10.

You can sign up here.

3rd Place

  • Register As a Freelancer in Upwork (previous Elance)

Another platform that exists in more than 150 countries and offers online job is Upwork. The job offer is mainly to work in web design areas, programming, graphic design, writing, online marketing, etc.

upwork-logo2Payments may be made per hour service or per project, as negotiated between the person who hires and freelancer, and the Upwork charges a commission of 10% on the amount paid.

You can visit the website here.

2nd Place

  • Subscribe to Fiverr

Another way to make money on the net is the Fiverr. The is a website that allows you to offer your services, or make use of services provided by another person, in return for money.

It functions as a platform that puts in contact buyers and worldwide service providers to perform tasks such as writing, graphic design or web design, online research services in social networks, among others.

If you want the service provided is easily seen by potential buyers of services, the service provider (you) fiverr2must first register and create a profile.

In this profile, you should include some personal information, especially related to what you know and want to do through the platform, promoting your skills, and telling the buyers why you are the best provider to make the service they need.

Each task or chore is called the gig, with a minimum price of $ 5 (five US dollars) each. The price is low because each task is a small service or of short duration. Service providers offer their gigs. If you need several gigs to complete the task, the final price agreed with the buyer gigs, will be the amount corresponding to all the gigs.

You can sign in here.

1st place

  • Create a website with Wealthy Afffiliate

A website can generate very high yields in some time, but it does require some work and dedication. You can create your own website about your favorite subject in a niche market of your choice, without having to have any previous knowledge in online marketing.

The Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to easily create your own website with a highly professional look, with the help of his extraordinary community!

Not only gives you help and support 24 hours / day to create your own online business, as it gives you also training throughout their journey in online marketing, social networks, work online, how to attract traffic to your site, how to put your website on the Google first search pages, and much more.

You can work with Adsense or can delve your knowledge in online marketing with video lessons, and several other forms of online training. You will learn how to monetize your website and to generate income doing blogs in areas of your interest.

WA gives you everything you need for your website to succeed and generate income.

I am a Wealthy Affiliate member. I signed up for free, and I continued to do the training and learn how to monetize increasingly my sites and blogs.

I think it is the best online platform for anyone who wants to learn how to have an online business SUCCESSFULLY. If you want to try and register for free click here .

If you want to know more, please read my review on page about Wealthy Affiliate and all it has to offer:    Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016?

Thank you for reading my post “How to Make Money At Home.” If you have suggestions or experiences you want to share on other sites to make money at home, feel free to leave them below. And as always, I am available to answer any questions you may have!


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3 Replies to “How to Make Money At Home

  1. I already do make some money at home from various sources and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to increase my home income. That’s how I came across your article.

    I haven’t actually heard of Clickworker before. I’ll have to look into that one. I already do some freelancing and have been writing and selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle since 2010. Affiliate marketing sounds interesting.

    • Hi Darren,

      When we work from home it’s good to have various sources, and it’s safer!

      Affiliate marketing is probably one of the greatest sources of income for those who work from home, so I highly recommend you try it out!

      Thank you for your comment



  2. A lot of people offer free E-Books in exchange for subscribing to a websites e-mail list. For most of these to be free, does the writer create the e-book themselves, or do they find a way to work out a deal with another e-book writer? I have been curious, as I have thought that having a list for my website would be quite effective for me, but I am unsure how to offer an incentive for joining my list.

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