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My name is Alex, and I will take you on a guided tour of my online business.

Imagem 1For several years I have tried several ways to make money online, namely, selling products over the Internet at international sites, I subscribed to programs to make money through advertising displays or by answering surveys.

I also tried other businesses that only gave me a small amount of income, but I quickly realized that they did not provide enough support to leave my job.

At the same time, I realized that to do business over the internet I needed a lot of “know-how,” tools and support to be able to make the money I desired, to meet the needs of my children and family.

Imagem 2By the end of month I have all the monthly bills that any family has: provisions for home, car, water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc .

Many people have a disagreeable job that they just hate, but that’s all they have to provides for these expenses.

It was essentially this last part that made me change!

I am 45 years old and worked for 18 years in the banking sector as a lawyer. Despite working on behalf of others, for many years my work was recognized by the institution I worked for.

Imagem 3But with the crisis in the banking sector, the sales and mergers of banks, the worker has become a number to the institution. Their only interest is in the work each employee produces and they don’t care about the employee’s experience and their personal work!

Promotions are only given to the bosses favorites with no consideration for experience or competency.

Unfortunately, this is the picture of the banking sector in Portugal!

But there are evils that come well!

The fact the work environment has become so toxic provided the best motivation ever to establish a short-term goal: of finding an alternative way to earn money, so I can leave my job and still support my family!

That’s when I invested some of my time to search for solutions on the internet that were honest and profitable. I found that most of the offers to make money online are fraudulent. (See “How to avoid fraudulent sites on the Internet”)

It was with the Wealthy Affiliate I found what I was looking for!

I share here my story, because I think many people can identify with it because they do not like the job they have, or because they have a boss who does not know how to be a boss, because they have fixed monthly expenses and family responsibilities, because, in addition, people might like to have more time for family, do something that would give them pleasure or not have the obligation of a job, etc … and essentially because they think in the future.

If you want to join me at Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here completely free of charge as a Starter Member (Beginner).

At Wealthy Affiliate I work for pleasure and already make a reasonable income!

It is a fact that this program requires some work and dedication, but I can manage my own time daily, in a community where all members among help overcome the difficulties in creating their own business!

I will be happy to hear from you, so do not hesitate to contact me if have questions. I will be delighted to hear your opinion and listen your professional or personal problems that cause you to want to take action to change your life. Leave a comment or question below I will answer as soon as possible.



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