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Finding a job that provides a middle income salary is getting more difficult. There are a limited jobs available for students with huge college debt. A large number of older people are out of work making it difficult to support their families. This bleak job picture has a serious affect on the earning potential of workers.

The current State of Retirement

Do you make plans for the future? Of Course. You will have to retire one day …Future_Next_Exit

Will you have enough money to have a comfortable retirement?

Nowadays, company and governmental retirement systems don’t provide a level of security. With this in mind will it be possible to maintain your standard of living after you retire?

It is a consideration that retired people have to face given the cuts in retirement programs. When they retire they are vulnerable, at a time with limited options. Life spans are increasing everywhere which will cause a strain on retirement plans. Retirement income will not be able meet inflation resulting in lower standards of living.

Is there a solution to this problem?

You are responsible for your own retirement. Government or corporations can’t do it. How are you going to do it?

The answer is simple. Create your own internet business by starting to be an affiliate marketer. If that Idea applies to you, you are at the right place.

The Reality about Making Money on the Internet

The truth is that the internet is full of fraudulent get rich quick schemes. Most of these programs are nothing more than “trap” to steal your money.

I created this site to help you develop your own successful internet business. There are many scams on the internet whose only purpose is to steal your money.

I myself have tried before several internet businesses:

Like multilevel marketing
Writing review on advertisements
Being a customer service representative for a large company.
These supposed opportunities have small payout and fall by the wayside often.

Here I will show you how to make your own business. With this you earn extra money part or full time, without spending a cent (in the beginning).

If you are looking for a business to make extra income from home let me offer something to you. Starting an affiliate marketing business is the best way for you to succeed. The best and most legitimate course I have found is the Wealthy Affiliate program. It is the most honest and ethical program for someone who wants to work from home on the internet.

And I’m going to do my very best to help you out and show you how you can get started online in the next few minutes.

Learn more in my pages dedicated to Wealthy Affiliate. 

The future is in your hands! I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting my website. Please leave your comments below or questions you may have below, and I will answer you as soon as possible!


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10 Replies to “Getting Started

  1. Hi Alex, great article and very true. You really can make a good living online, the amazing part of an online business is that there are no limitations to what you can achieve. I have also tried numerous of ways to make money online and every time I ended up loosing everything that I put in. Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine, legitimate system where you will find all the tools necessary for success. 🙂

    • Hi Joe,

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      That’s so true, there are no limits to what you can achieve on an online business. And you can learn everything you need to succeed in Wealthy Affiliate!




  2. Thanks for sharing this post, it feels so good to know that you can make a good living from becoming and affiliate marketer or getting involved in some other type of business that involves the internet. And you are right with what you said and that is working for pleasure. I am sure that your readers will learn a lot from what you are offering, this is a great post. All the best to you and keep u the good work.

    • Hi Norman,

      I chose my website’s name – “Work For Pleasure” – because that’s what I want. I want to work for pleasure!

      And I think most people don’t like their job, or their boss. I do hate my job and my boss! So I want to engage people to do what I’m doing: creating a successful online business. I just want to be my own boss! And I want to turn this into a full time job! In time, I will get there!

      Thank you so much for your comment Norman!


  3. I was beginning to think that just about every online opportunity was a multilevel marketing option…there seemed to be no real marketing option out there!
    It’s nice to see you have found some luck with this platform that teaches – have you been there long and did this site come from their direction?
    I would love to learn how to work online PROPERLY for once – no more false promises or credit cards…

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes, I created this website from scratch… I didn’t knew nothing about marketing or internet websites… I have learned everything I know through Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to create your own online business, WA is a great opportunity to learn everything you need!

      Please let me know if you need some help and I will be glad to help you!

      Thank you for your comment!


  4. Hi Alex.
    Such a good reminder for all that you really have to think about your retirement. I am working my tail off now at an internet business as well as I know the rewards can be unlimited if I work hard at it. Unlike a predictable income in a job. Really good article!
    Cheers, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,

      The truth is the rewards can really be unlimited, so if you work hard with dedication, you will get there for sure! This is a job that anyone can make from home. And I mean anyone! You just have to have internet access and to believe that you can do it, because you can!

      Thank you for your comment and I wish you all the best!


  5. Hi Alex.
    Such a good reminder for all that you really have to think about your retirement. I am working my tail off now at an internet business as well as I know the rewards can be unlimited if I work hard at it. Unlike a predictable income in a job. Really good article!
    Cheers, Sharon

  6. Thanks for this awesome article Alex. It is thanks to people like you that people find success online. The first step to finding success online is finding a platform that will teach you the correct way to have success. That platform as you mention is wealthy affiliate, and it will show you a whole new world.

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